Trucking Insurance

When you drive a truck, there are two priorities at stake, your vehicle is your business and for many your home as well. For this reason, it is vital that you have insurance that covers all the necessities and more. Trucking insurance is mandatory on all trucks; however the level of protection will be dependent on your needs and desires. Coverages are available for the minimum liability, cargo, fleet trucking, bob-tail, and a combination of all the protection needs you and or your company has.

Truck insurance offers not only security for your truck but also protects against risks caused during the course of business. Coverages include:

Liability is the minimum coverage required by Illinois law for commercial trucks. Liability covers persons or property damaged by your truck. This option will not cover you or damages to your vehicle.

Cargo insurance provides protection for damages to products or goods during the transport process.

Fleet insurance is the equivalent of comprehensive insurance for your automobile only for your trucks. With flexibility in design, coverage is available to cover physical damages, cargo insurance, employment liability, general liability, workers compensations, and any other coverages your business needs require.

With the unique requirements that trucks demand, your insurance company must know how to keep you and your vehicles covered. At Illinois Insurance Family, we understand what it takes to keep your trucks covered and are ready to design your perfect trucking insurance policy. Contact Illinois Insurance Family today and let us start your quote for trucking insurance. We will create a package that gives you the coverage you want and the peace of mind that you need to keep your trucks moving down the road.


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