Home Insurance

Your home is one of the most important investments you will make. Naturally, you want to protect it from harm. How would you feel if your home was burglarized or caught fire? That is where home insurance comes into the picture. Homeowner insurance protects you against losses caused to your home from natural disasters, theft, fire, and vandalism. Homeowners insurance pays to repair the damages caused by the covered items. Many policies also cover the cost of living, while the damages to your home are repaired.

There are multiple coverage levels available, and each of these is customizable to your budget and desired level of protection.

Homeowners Insurance covers property damage to the interior and exterior due to theft, vandalism, and smoke. It also includes the state-required medical liability coverage for injuries that occur on your property.

Flood and Hail coverage is additional coverage that provides the homeowner protection as well as repairs for damages caused by floods or hail.

Fire coverage is additional coverage for damages caused by fire.

As one of your most valuable possessions, your home deserves the protection that keeps it that way. With multiple package options available, finding the coverage you desire for your home is easy. Reach out to an agent at Illinois Insurance Family and let us design a package that covers your home and gives you peace in the knowledge that your home is protected.


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