Business Insurance

Business insurance is financial coverage against events that occur at your company. There are a multitude of coverage options for businesses to choose from, depending on the type of business and desired protections. Business insurance protects you against loss caused by accidents, damages, fire, theft, and many other possible risks of daily operations.

Business policies are available to cover every aspect of your business, including:

BOP (Business Owner Policies) is a bundle that includes all of the basic insurance coverages of a business owner without the cost of separate policies. This bundle includes liability insurance, property protection, and business interruptions.

Property Insurance protects against loss caused by damages to your business property. This includes buildings and items owned by the business, including vehicles, equipment, furniture, and more. The protection consists of damages caused by theft, fire, explosion, wind damage, and vandalism.

Key Person Insurance is a life insurance company taken out for the owner or high executive of a company naming the company as the beneficiary in the event of said person’s death. The payout from this policy allows the company to maintain regular operations during the time they are looking for a suitable replacement for the key person.

You have worked hard to start and maintain your business. Keeping it protected against risks is a crucial component of its daily operations. Not only does the right business insurance policy protect you against the dangers of loss, but it also provides stability for your employees who count on you and your company. Contact Illinois Insurance Family and let us help you find the right policy to protect your business and its assets.


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