Auto Insurance

Automobile insurance is something all drivers are familiar with. It encompasses more than what you might think, however. Automobile insurance includes much more than keeping you out of trouble in an accident. Depending on your coverage, auto insurance pays for damages to other vehicles in fault accidents, damages to your auto caused by uninsured motorists, hail damage, and medical expenses from accidents. Insurance coverage is a requirement that you don’t want to be caught without; however, it can also be a peace of mind in the protection of your automobile.

Auto insurance is not a one size fits all item. There are several policies available for every budget and protection need.

SR-22 is a certificate of bond required in Illinois, showing that high-risk drivers have provided the necessary financial coverage in the event of an accident. This is a certificate needed on top of the insurance policy of choice.

Liability Insurance is the minimal coverage required in Illinois. This coverage pays for damages caused to another person’s vehicle or bodily injury to another in the event of an accident caused by you.

Full Coverage offers the same benefits as a liability policy with added coverage for damages caused to your vehicle. Comprehensive coverage also covers damages caused by accidents involving uninsured motorists and other types of losses like hail and theft.  

You depend on your vehicle and want to protect it from all types of damages. While this is not possible, the right insurance policy will help repair the damages caused no matter who is at fault. With flexible packages available, there is a level of coverage for every desire. Contact your local Illinois Insurance Family and let us help choose the policy that will give your vehicle the coverage it needs.


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